Hi, my name is Sofía and I’m a Spanish student. I’ve decided to set out on a journey to northern Europe as a part of an exchange programme to share my passion for science with other students and teachers from Nordic countries. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has asked me to relate my experience, so I’ve chosen to start this blog in which I’ll describe the Spanish system for research and innovation. Who knows?, perhaps I myself will discover new aspects of the system thanks to the questions posed by my colleagues. In any event, I’ll keep you posted.


Chapter 2

Northern News


Bobby and I arrived one week before the programme began to attend the sessions in cultural immersion that were offered. I thought this was important, to make sure I didn’t turn up on the first day of class without having got to know my way around the college a bit, and I’m really happy at having done so — I made my first nordic friend, Hakon.


Chapter 1

Sofía’s Journey


Bobby and I are leaving tomorrow at a very early hour and I still have lots of things to prepare. At least, I feel confident that my luggage is full of new knowledge about our model of research, development and innovation I’m delighted to be able to share with other students and teachers from northern Europe.