Hi, my name is Sofía and I’m a Spanish student. I’ve decided to set out on a journey to northern Europe as a part of an exchange programme to share my passion for science with other students and teachers from Nordic countries. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has asked me to relate my experience, so I’ve chosen to start this blog in which I’ll describe the Spanish system for research and innovation. Who knows?, perhaps I myself will discover new aspects of the system thanks to the questions posed by my colleagues. In any event, I’ll keep you posted.


Chapter 21

Foundations that work to promote and disseminate science


Spain is a country that works to promote and disseminate science through public and private organizations. The aim is to increase the interest of society in science, technology and innovation and, as a result, to increase public awareness of and participation in science. Minerva and I have had the opportunity to get to know these organizations up close so I thought I’d tell you all about it!


Chapter 18

Spanish science for development


César Velasco is the Spanish scientist chosen by Forbes magazine as “The most influential scientist under the age of 30 in Europe” for his dedication to fighting Ebola. As a result of my postgraduate projects I’ve become involved in the field of development cooperation and that’s why I’m dazzled by César Velasco, for whom I feel tremendous admiration.


Chapter 16

The Dream Team of Spanish science


Spain is the tenth world power in science and is one of the top scientific content publishing countries in the world. My country does science in teams, that’s one of the things I find most attractive about finding a job at a research centre in Spain.


Chapter 14

The importance of Spanish science in the world


Today I had the pleasure of visiting the CNIC facilities following an invitation from my friend Minerva, who wanted to show me her workplace and introduce me to her colleagues. I left feeling very inspired both by my tour and by seeing for myself the steps involved in applying to such a distinguished centre. Spain is a country with really active science and research!


Chapter 10

Mapping Science


Tomorrow will be the big day, the day of my final presentation. After many hours in front of my computer screen, hundreds of cups of tea and many more cinnamon biscuits, I have to conclude that the hard work has been a wonderful opportunity to finish the programme with a clear idea of the European map of science and technology.


Chapter 6

Search Re-Search


When I began to write this blog I didn’t think it would prove so interesting for other people who wanted to learn more about the Spanish model of research and innovation. So today, in view of the curiosity aroused, I’ve decided to begin by answering a question formulated by several of my readers regarding the most important research centres in Spain.


Chapter 2

Northern News


Bobby and I arrived one week before the programme began to attend the sessions in cultural immersion that were offered. I thought this was important, to make sure I didn’t turn up on the first day of class without having got to know my way around the college a bit, and I’m really happy at having done so — I made my first nordic friend, Hakon.


Chapter 1

Sofía’s Journey


Bobby and I are leaving tomorrow at a very early hour and I still have lots of things to prepare. At least, I feel confident that my luggage is full of new knowledge about our model of research, development and innovation I’m delighted to be able to share with other students and teachers from northern Europe.