Chapter 12

Looking Forward



My stay in the Northern Countries has come to an end and I’m going back to Spain with mixed feelings of joy, at the fact of going home, and sadness, at leaving so many new friends behind. I’ll Skype and WhatsApp all you guys!

As I student, I’m continuously learning new things and new ways of doing things — which is even more important. There’s a myth about how science and innovation work, which is that great minds have a ‘Eureka moment’ and start a revolution. But that’s not exactly the case; the truth is that a lot of hard work, a lot of teamwork exists behind every small step.

I’m ready to work and I’m committed to contributing to this very large international community that pushes science and progress forward. I may make my contribution from Spain, my own country, or from abroad; from a laboratory, a national agency, a company, a foundation or a university. Who knows? It’s time for me to looking forward.

What I know for sure is that I’ll work hard and enjoy myself just as I’ve done sharing my experience with you all in this blog. Thanks for reading me and stay tuned! For sure will be a first chapter of a brand new adventure!