Chapter 20

Opportunities for foreign researchers in Spain



Ever since I was on the exchange programme, I have realized that the ties there are between countries all over the world as a result of science are much closer than I had thought. It is really easy for we scientists to move from one country to another in order to develop our professional career.  Jonas is a good case in point. Jonas is a friend from Norway who found a job in Spain as a researcher thanks to the funding opportunities that the Spanish science, technology and innovation system offers scientists and entrepreneurs in internationally renowned institutions.

Spain conforms with the policies of the European Union and is an active participant in the Horizon 2020 programme.

This document from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) contains a wide variety of possibilities for scientists interested in carrying out research in Spain.

The Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (2013 – 2020) promotes international mobility and exchanges as a tool with which to increase the social and economic return from research in R+D+I.

01_POSTS_#T28_02Spain receives more than 300 grants from the European Research Council spread over more than 50 different institutions. It is also an attractive country for the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions – MSCA. Currently, through the MSCA, more than 220 experiences researchers are carrying out their research in Spanish institutions, which makes Spain one of the top four countries of the European Union.

Opportunities are also open to early-stage researchers within the framework of the almost 100 innovative projects in which Spanish entities participate.

The U-Ranking of Spanish Universities classifies the institutions by their activities in the fields of teaching, research and technological innovation and development.

01_POSTS_#T28_03Finally, I’d like to tell you about the recent ranking of Spanish universities, so that you are have a clearer idea of things when it comes to setting off on a professional trip to Spain. Among the best universities in technological innovation and development are the Politècnica de Catalunya, the Politècnica de València and the Politécnica de Madrid, followed by the Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and the Carlos III in Madrid. As far as research is concerned, the best universities are: The Autònoma de Barcelona, the Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and the Autónoma de Madrid.

I’ve been acting as a tour guide for Jonas and Alex all week, and it’s been great fun. We’ve been to Toledo, Spain’s medieval city par excellence, with its walls and narrow streets. Just gazing down on the city from afar at sunset, was one of the most moving sights I’ve ever seen…