Chapter 23

Sofía starts work. Monologues on science: FameLab



Today is a red letter day! All my hard work studying has been worthwhile! I’ve been chosen to begin researching in a Spanish centres! I’m going to start my professional career as a researcher in the Centre for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa. I can’t find the words to express my happiness… but I am sure that anyone who’s been following me will understand better than anyone how I feel. This centre is attached to the Superior Council of Scientific Research – CSIC that you’ve heard me talk about so much, and to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – UAM.

I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity of working close to someone who has inspired me so much, the Spanish biochemist, Margarita Salas

Margarita Salas received the prestigious Echegaray Medal in 2016, the highest scientific award granted by the Royal Academy of Sciences in recognition of her scientific career.

01_POSTS_#T211_02It was no bed of roses for Margarita Salas. She began her scientific career at a difficult time for research in Spain, even more so for women. Today she is an essential figure in the enormous development that Science has experienced in Spain, and she is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most influential scientist in our country. The commitment, devotion and dedication she has shown are, for me, the fundamental pillars of a scientific career.

I have decided to celebrate this good news by participating in FameLab, the competition of scientific monologues that is such a huge success.

Thanks to a partnership with the British Council, FameLab is currently being held in more than 30 countries and more than 8000 scientists have already taken part in one or other of its editions.

is an international competition of scientific monologues that has been held since 2005. Its primary objective is to promote the dissemination of science through training and promoting new talent and new spokespersons for science.

Knowing that my career is about to begin, I had no doubt that this was my opportunity to render tribute to female scientists such as Margarita Salas or myself, by participating in FameLab with a monologue dedicated to women in science. My intention is to come up with a speech that will serve as an inspiration for women so that more and more of them develop careers in the field of research.

This will be the fifth consecutive year in which this event of scientific dissemination will take place in Spain, due to its great social impact

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – FECYT and the British Council España are organising this new edition with the collaboration of the Obra Social “La Caixa”

01_POSTS_#T211_03I really encourage you to participate the FameLab events that are held in your countries! I am sure that they are a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues, to network a little and to have a good time in the environment that we like the most, science!

Thanks to all of you for your support and for following my career. I’ll be back soon to tell you if I’ve been selected and – cross your fingers! – how I’m getting on in my new job.